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BET Awards 2014 – Faith Evans Single Release Party

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Alison Law covers the red carpet of this Pre BET Awards Party in West Hollywood.  Celebrity Interviews with Faith Evans, T-Pain, Antonique Smith and Tevin Campbell.  Video shot and produced by Velo.

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Dear White People – LA Film Festival 2014 – Review

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Dear PicDear White People is one of the best black films I have seen in years.  Simply put, it is visual courage.  The story follows Samantha White, a young college student with a radio program that seeks to enlighten white people on modern black culture.  On her pursuit to change the university, she finds it easier to change the world than change herself.  Through an uncanny use of comedy and satire, the film consciously makes the viewer examine American ignorance in the 21st century.  From blasting Tyler Perry to Minstrel Reality Shows, Dear White People takes no shorts and makes its point clear.

This talented cast and crew, led by director Justin Simien, are on a mission to create meaningful conversations on race and identity.  (See the below video with remarks from the cast and crew at the LA Film Festival Screening 2014.)

This film is a modern throwback to African American classics like School Daze, Higher Learning, Do The Right thing… all while sprinkling in a little bit of  the hit TV show Scandal.  The storytelling is both new and familiar at all times.

Besides the plot and character development wandering a little in the beginning of the second act, the films biggest challenges will be in the area of marketing.  Please watch the official trailer and you will see that Lionsgate is not quite sure how they want to market this film.  I truly hope that they are super creative in their strategy and allow comedy and satire lead the way.  It works in the film and if executed correctly, it could work in the promotions,.  Why?  Cause the traditional marketing for black studio films won’t cut it.  Good Luck!

Review Grade A-

By Velo

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Key & Peele Talk Comedy With Elvis Mitchell – LA Film Festival 2014

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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele sit down with Elvis Mitchell to discuss their hit sketch show Key & Peele.  From directing to surprising their audience, Keegan and Jordan explain why their comedy show is so different yet appealing.




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A Singleton Perspective – LA Film Festival 2014

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When it comes to filmmaking in the 1990′s, John Singleton is a legend.  From earning an Academy Award Nomination for directing on his first feature, Boyz n the Hood, to working with Tupac and Janet Jackson, his films were a voice for the growing hip hop generation.  On Saturday, June 14, Mr. Singleton sat down with film critic Elvis Mitchell to discuss the various changes in the industry and working with the late Dr. Maya Angelou. – By Velo


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Rake Review & TV Preview

Rake (2014) Review & TV Preview – David L. $Money Train$ Watts

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